Welcome to Tromsøguideforening - The world's Northernmost guide association

You have reached the page of the Tromsøguideforening, an association for guides in the town of Tromsø in  Norway.

Tromsø, located at almost 70 degrees North, is a city with a fascinating History, blending Arctic exploration,  Viking-age trade,  Sámi  heritage  and  modern  scientific research.  Tromsø  is the unofficial capital of North-Norway and the most important economic, cultural and demographic centre in Northern Scandinavia. Here the stillness of the Arctic nature meet the upbeat life of a modern city, welcome to Tromsø!

The Tromsøguideforening is an association aiming to represent and be the voice of the members of the city's guiding professionals. As a long-standing regional centre, Tromsø has been a popular destination all the ways from the late XIXth century to the present day and it is the desire of the Tromsøguideforening members to share the town's unique heritage with everyone interested. The Tromsøguideforening is made of professional guides of many nationalities, backgrounds and expertise working with the main actors of Tromsø's tourist industry in order to deliver the best possible experience to visitors and uphold the quality of the guiding environment. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question regarding guiding in Tromsø and the Tromsø region.

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