How do I become a member?

Guides who have passed the standard exam can become a member by paying 125,- NOK (payable before June 30th) within a few weeks after their exam, or 250.- NOK (payable before August 31st), if they have been guides for a while.
Join Us!!
 Accepting 2015's

subscriptions now!

Our bank account: 9484 06 46542 at Handelsbanken. Please note your name, address, year and 'membership'.

You will get a reminder if you are a member and forget to pay in the following year--but it will be of great help if you remember yourself!

 Why is it good for you to be a member?

The more members there are, the stronger the guides are, in negotiations, for example about working conditions or salary.

    • In case of a problem in a work situation, members receive support of the Tromsoguideforening, including mediation.
    • Members receive email and announcements regarding coming events.
    • There are Tromsø Guideforening discounts and special offers such as:
      • Tromsø University Museum Giftshop 10% for members.
      • Polaria Giftshop discounts of up to 20% on items not already discounted
      • Discounted "Polar Quiz - the board game"
        • normally 250 NOK for 150 NOK or a pocket version (not multi-language) for 50 NOK

        Last and certainly not least:

        To be part of a group of people who share a passion for Guiding!

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